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Breed Standard - British Shorthairs

CONDITION :- Hard and muscular. The British cat is compact, well balanced and powerful, medium to large in size, showing good depth of body. Tail thick at base with a rounded tip. The head is round with good width between the ears, round cheeks, firm chin, large, round and well-opened eyes. The coat is short and dense.

HEAD :- Round and massive with good breadth of skull, well set on a short thick neck. Round face with round underlying bone structure.

EARS :- Small, well-furnished, slightly rounded at tips, with good width between.

NOSE :- Short, broad and straight.

CHIN :- Firm and well-developed.

BODY :- Cobby type with short level back.  Low on legs with broad deep chest.  
Equally massive across the shoulders and the rump.

LEGS :- Short, well-boned and strong. Straight forelegs.

PAWS :- Round and firm. Toes carried close.

TAIL :- Short and thick but in proportion to the body length, with a rounded tip.

COAT :- Short, dense and resilient.



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